Robotics in the lab -SPRi and Mass Spectrometry

In the team of Dynamics of Macromolecular Complexes at the LBPA  we developed a technique to transfer material from an SPRi prism to a SELDI (mass spec) slide. This technique had already been published by us some years ago (see Bouffartigues 2007):

Using the Hamilton Starlet robot we were able to automate this such that a given spot on the surface could be treated with a chaotropic solution then transferred to a SELDI surface for identification by mass spectroscopy. We used a pin tool and modified the programming to reduce contact between the pin tool and the rather fragile (50nm thick) gold surface of the prism.

A pretty amateur film can be seen by clicking on the link below

Next time we will get David Arraez to shoot it for us 🙂

click here for Movie

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