Cummings and goings

Extract from an Editorial from the Guardian

“The worst possible course would be for the government to seek to assuage anger or divert attention by announcing or floating a premature relaxation of lockdown rules. Its advice has become increasingly muddied and confusing, and the messages defending Mr Cummings have added to the risks that others will disregard it. In one regard only its position is now clearer: as long as Mr Cummings remains in place, it is saying that lockdown is for the little people. And as long as it treats the public with contempt, it can expect that contempt to be returned.”

I found the paragraph from the Guardian quoted above to be constructive. Contempt that is then reflected in the ballot box is very powerful. Personally, I detest those who treat people as fools. I still maintain (somehow😳) a deep belief in people being able to think for themselves and the necessity for them to have access to the wherewithal to do that thinking,

Sorry to go on, but that dickhead Cummings has pushed me over an edge and reminds me why, when I was a kid, I got into too many fights. I am lucky to be a part of a very diverse and liberal family in which we all feel free to have our own opinions and that’s the way it should be. 

But I also was told that I should stand up and be counted. 

If I am going to shout my mouth off then I should be prepared to take the consequences.

I am.

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