Life is not a bleach.

The one tiny thread of hope that we should cling to in this period is that even though in terms of numbers the COVID 19 pandemic has killed a very small percentage of the population we adhere to the concept that one death is one too many and that we therefore react accordingly. 

This personally gives me hope for whatever is coming in the future, for humanity collectively. 

We are all in this together, of course we are, I sneeze and someone could die in Singapore. I do not accept that even one death that could have been avoided is acceptable. That person is someone, a mother father daughter son sister brother friend neighbour or whatever, (and its not ‘whatever’! )

We collectively must work together so that we are prepared. I trust my garage mechanic to fix my car, i trust my restaurant chef to cook me a good (and hopefully hygenic😁) meal, I trust my doctor to diagnose correctly and  prescribe the correct medicines, I trust the scientists to apply the due diligence that has taken society more than three centuries and often themselves three decades to put in place! 

I most certainly do not trust other mis-informed people to tell me which of these I should get to fix my car, treat my cancer, cook my meal or whether I can swallow bleach on a sunbed.

So in short, 😳 trust the bloody scientists 

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