The Da Vinci Project: Resumé

Our civilisation is a “work in progress”, and there’s an awful lot to do; click here for a simple graphic way of looking at things.

Because you are seeing this, you might think that you are “all right Jack”!

Sorry, you are not!

Let’s not beat around the bush (while there still is a bush!). Humanity is facing a huge self-made problem that if left unsolved will result in, at best a massive loss of life and reversion to a prehistoric level of civilisation, or at worst mass extinction. Don’t take my word for it. Look at what the experts say

We cannot continue as we are now. So, what do we do? What can we do?

What can you do?

You can join us! We propose a new process to contribute to the acceleration of the search for novel ideas for solutions that can rapidly lead to the development of realistic and scalable projects. 

The key element of our “search for solutions” proposal is to actively seek creative, ingenious and motivated individuals who will work through a “Gestalt” like process to generate new insights and ideas to find badly needed solutions. 

Let us be perfectly clear: we do not wish to catalogue and discuss the depressing list of all that is wrong with the way that we are rapidly exhausting the finite resources of this planet. We seek to find original, practical and sustainable solutions. Our underlying message is one of optimism and a belief in humanities’ capacity for innovation in both the technological and societal domains.

We propose for April 2020 a workshop entitled 

The Leonardo Da Vinci Workshop 2020: Creativity for Sustainability

The mission of this workshop is to bring together an international group of 10 exceptionally creative young scholars for 4 days in Amboise, France in order to collectively develop and discuss their big, bold ideas for addressing major sustainability issues.

Our goal is to come up with one or more novel, potentially revolutionary, effective and provocative ideas that could significantly contribute to improving Global Sustainability.

So there you have it. Thats what we are doing.

Now what can you do? You can get get involved in this project. contact us  and do it now!